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21 || New York || Bad Mood

very happy that charlize theron is hosting snl may 10th

just wearin a lil tie…

ahhah aviva yelling shut the fuck up at kristen in front of all the kids after telling her to watch how shes talking in front of them!!!…


my favourite Kelly moment in the world omg

hahaha yes. my favorite is her calling bethenny a cook NOT A CHEF!

i remember once in like 8th grade someone asked me if i wanted to come with them and their group after school on 420 to smoke weeeed… and i literally had a dentist appointment and thought it was so funny cause i was like i cant i have the dentist and i knew it sounded like a weird excuse someone would make because they were scared and didnt want to smoke weed…
but i actually had a dentist appointment and sorry that really was more important then and it is more important now.